Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moooving Day

So today is the big day for all of us. Mom is graduating from college soon, and her and Dad (who already gradgitated) are finally moving in together!! Mikey and I, will ALWAYS be together now and I am not so sure thats a good thing. We have a nice new place that i really like. There is a back patio and we have doggie tie outs now, so we can spend more time outside with Mom while she fixes her plant boxes up for us to destroy :) Hmm well I had better get to getting in the way and trying to make Mom and Dad mad haha....

With Love,

P.S. Pics of Moving Day to come tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nice Day, Silly Dogs :)

soooo guess where we went today?!!?!! To my most favoritest place in the world. City Park!!!!!!!! Mom took lotsa pictures...and Sully and I played, ate sticks, and pooped there :) It was the most fun I have had since well..last time we went to City Park. So here are the pics Mom took:

Mikey :)

I was so excited to get there I could hardly contain myself..Sully too!!

Almost there....

We're there!!!!!!! where's the sticks???

Sully...what are you doing????

Shiba Boys just loooove sticks and playing outside :)

Sully was sad to leave...and I was too.. :(

Monday, April 21, 2008

We've Got a Case of the Mondays!!

And that they do...Sully and Mikey are both kinda grumpy today. This morning when it was Mikey's turn to go out and potty he decided he would rather not and go back to sleep, and of course an hour later attempt to go in the house. That's a Shiba for you though, they dont do anything unless they want to. But Mikey was scolded, and he wasnt very happy about it. He's still little yet so we have some accidents, not regularly but probably once a week or two. He will get better though he is still only 3 and 1/2 months old. Sully of course didnt really take much intrest in the matter and resumed his nap as usual. Oh my lazy Shibas lol. Well I ought to get off to class, I hope they are good until Kevin gets home from work, its nap time thankfully.

Mom :)

Some Old and New Sully Pics:

If you think Im cute now.....

Check this out:

"Dad, Shhh I make the will give me mucho treats"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We Love to Shop!! (As told by Sully)

Today Mom and Dad took us to the outdoor mall...which was sooooo much fun. We walked all around and everyone kept stopping us and telling us how cute we were. Most people wanted to know what kind of dogs we were and where they could get one of us. But we know we are one of a kind ;) We only made it once around the outdoor mall in over an hour because everyone wanted to see us. And we love to greet people. We just wish Mom had brought the camera, cause it was really cool!!! After that we were so tired and I (Sully) took my usual spot in the back widow of the Altima an fell asleep while Mikey slept on Mom all the way home. Here are some random pics of my and my little bro... arent we cute??!!??

This is one of Mikey when he was playing outside, and an old one of me cause Im so cute haha!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


So, today was a quite a day at the shiba circus that is our townhouse. Mikey pooped in the house and he isnt supposed to, and then bum bum bum.........HE ATE IT!!!!!!! It was disgusting, but i looked it up online and everything i read says he will be okay as long as it wasnt another dogs who had worms or any other communicable disease. And of course Sully just layed there and watched while i said OMG NO!! It would have been pretty funny, if it weren't my dog lol. Sully is currently looking out the window sending out warning barks as people walk by outside. He does a short "Brwuff, Brrrrwuff" He is such a silly dog. Well thats all for today...more pics after the weekend we are going on a picnic and on some hiking trails, the boys should looove it cause i know Kevin and I will. We love the outdoors!!! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

But What Is He Doing Here???

A few weeks ago, we welcomed little Mike Wazowski into our home. Sully seemed a little miffed at first but now the two shiba inu boys ages 10 months and 3 months are inseparable. Sully has showed Mikey all the tricks on how to get up to give him treats. Mikey has even picked up the "high five" trick for treats and toys. Sully has also began to share his coveted window seat with the little guy. Here are some pics of the two being brothers and making trouble.