Monday, July 28, 2008

Kitty Cat

So i just realized that I never blogged about they boys' sister. Well here she is folks the one and only Magnesium "Maggie" aka "Kitty." She is a Persian cat we rescued from the humane society in April. She was a cruelty confiscation but you'd never know it, and the boys love her. And she loves them. She is so full of personality, and spunk!! And best of all she is such a mama's girl. She sleeps next to me, and comes running when i say "kitty". She also LOVES to be brushed lol. We have the best animals!!


Im thirrrrrsty ma!

Did I know that over? No...couldnt be!! I am just too cute!!

Wedding Stuff

Hey there!! There is so much for us to tell everyone about. Mom and Dad took us to see the place where they are going to get married. Its at a cool park so we had a picnic and walked down to it. Wildwood Metropark is the name of the place. Well here are some handsome photos of me and my brother at the wedding site :) And a few others just for fun!!


Looking cute in the gazebo:

One at home just for fun...Tierd shibas? No way!!

I could be a model....
Here it is where mom and dad are tying the knot...


Soo...This summer has been crazy!! Mom and Dad have been so busy with the wedding planning. Oh and Mikey got 'fixed' hehe, he hated it!! I handle pain SO much better. We also went to the beach at lake erie here are some pics:

Here is Sully surfing on Dad:

Thats all for now!! Catch ya later...