Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello Mystery Googlers


This is Sully speaking, I recently found out how to use mystery google, and its neat. Send me a mission, Mom wont let me use her cell phone, so I have to use the computer. Silly Mom!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shibas and Children

So, my brother in law and his stepson were here tonight and we had Sully out and Mikey put away (to reduce jelousy fighting). His stepson loved Sully and it was so nice, Sully does not jump on children he only jumps up on adults. Sully also sits by children and watches them. Has anyone else expericed their shibas taking to children? Wanting to be near the children and refusing to jump up on them? Sully has done this with multiple kids and I find it interesting since we have no children. Strange.....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mom, come on dont post that!!

So, I was reminicing about when Sully was a puppy and Kevin and I decided to go and get a Shiba Inu. We were newly dating and Kevin decided he wanted a dog. So, of course I wanted him to get one and Kevin let me help him pick out a Shiba. We stopped by the breeder and she brought us the last little puppy left to see, and this is what we saw:

I mean how can anyone say no to that chubby little bear, of course we wanted him and he wanted us too. I even bought Sully a sweater for his homecomming as it was a chilly October day (Note: He only wore said sweater once). Here is that fateful day:

Don't you just miss having that little shiba puppy in your life? I know I do!!



P.S. Mikey was adorable as well, no sweater though, I learned my lesson with Sully that the Shiba will NOT wear that horrid thing, they are much to sophisticated for such nonesense. LOL.

Monday, June 29, 2009


So its offically summertime here in OH-IO and its me and Mikey's favorite time of year. We get to hang out outside all day, and we get to go camping and hiking with Mom and Dad. I also like to go to the park everyday with Mom for our walk, and look at all the squirles. Mikey tries to catch the squirrels but I am smart enough to know I am on a leash and cant reach them. Well anyways Mom took some more recent pics of us and here they are:

Friday, June 19, 2009


So, Mom and Dad are offically married. They had a great time on their honeymoon or so they told me, I didnt get to go and it was sad. I was at grandma and grandpa's for the week but they keep us in a really big kennel most of the time so it was kinda boring, but none the less cool to be outside bathing in the sun so much :) I missed Mom and Dad though ALOT! Here are some pics from their wedding, which I didnt get to go to either. Oh well though I got pampered at the doggy salon when they got home though :) I LOVE going to the doggy salon, but Mikey hates it. He hates it so much that he "shiba screams" the entire time and messes with my flirting with the stylists. He is so immature. Oh well. Im so happy for mom and dad and glad that we are all one big happy family now!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


So... Mom and Dad have been soo busy preparing for the wedding that is finally after one year of planning HERE!! They are so excited and Mom said she has an important job interview on Wed with the only company in Toledo that is doing well right now! So we need to wish her luck!! Good luck Mommy!! But I cant wait for Mom and Dad to be married they seem to be soo happy about it.

Ok. Byes.


Sully and Mikey

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mom, do your homework!!

Hello there everybody, it has been soo long since we updated!! That is primarily becuase Mom and Dad needed a new camera to take pics of me and Mikey. But now Mom and Dad have a brand new camera, and the first thing Mom did was take a pic of my wonderful face :). Mom and Dad are going to be "married" in 30 days...I dont know what that means but they sure are excited about it. I also know that they will be gone for a looong time afterwards and I cant go along. Im so mad, I could use a vacation too Mom. Im such a hard worker. Here is me in action, Im a good nap taker:

"Mikey you are hogging my man-chair! Ugh. You're so weird."

Well Kitty is still annoying and Mikey is still weird! He's not as sophisticated as I am! But Mom says he is fine just the way he is, I dont know about all that. Anyways here are some more pics Mom took of us during nap time.