Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mom, come on dont post that!!

So, I was reminicing about when Sully was a puppy and Kevin and I decided to go and get a Shiba Inu. We were newly dating and Kevin decided he wanted a dog. So, of course I wanted him to get one and Kevin let me help him pick out a Shiba. We stopped by the breeder and she brought us the last little puppy left to see, and this is what we saw:

I mean how can anyone say no to that chubby little bear, of course we wanted him and he wanted us too. I even bought Sully a sweater for his homecomming as it was a chilly October day (Note: He only wore said sweater once). Here is that fateful day:

Don't you just miss having that little shiba puppy in your life? I know I do!!



P.S. Mikey was adorable as well, no sweater though, I learned my lesson with Sully that the Shiba will NOT wear that horrid thing, they are much to sophisticated for such nonesense. LOL.